Assists Youth with educational needs and daily life skill development. The goal is to empower Youth through positive mentorship and providing daily structure and mentoring.


In order to provide a safe, stable, comfortable place for these kids to come home to anytime, we will need to install much-needed updates to the building specifically new windows that do not leak.

Bikes & Helmets

Sports and arts can have significant positive impacts on youth social connectedness, better developmental outcomes, improved mental health and recovery from trauma. Can activities like sports and the arts contribute to Youth homelessness prevention? Absolutely! 

Art Supplies

As an expressive language, art provides a casual approach to opening into a relationship with at-risk Youth by tapping into their creativity and offering a form of communication that is nonthreatening and gives the young person a sense of control. 


A chance to go camping in the great outdoors with their peers creates a special environment that fosters meaningful relationships between staff and Youth and builds lasting happy memories between their peers, and is a chance to disconnect from the everyday strain and pressure of being a Youth in care. And it’s so much fun!

Arts & Rec Supplies

We all need something fun in life to look forward to. Art, games and engaging group activities reduce stress and help set the foundation for connection and lasting social relationships for many years to come. 

Self Care

Self care is an important step in saying, “I matter!” Self-love puts power back in their hands and helps vulnerable Youth fight a fight they can win. And that means the world!

Phones Program

The Street Culture Phones Program provides Youth who don’t have access to internet with cell phones and monthly phone plans. This levels the playing field for these kids and provides them a way of contacting friends, staying relevant, and calling the Street Culture family in case of emergency.  

Job Development & Coaching

Our mission is to recognize the employment challenges present for homeless Youth and who experience barriers to employment to help them find and maintain meaningful jobs in the community.

Work Clothes & Tools

Supports Youth who have found employment to be dressed for success on their first day with the proper clothing and tools they need and promotes a higher range of skills. 


Give SCP Youth candidates a huge advantage with certification opportunities for mandatory training for industries that require it. 

Driver Training

Obtaining a valid driver’s license is crucial for continuing employment and ensuring that young workers have a reliable way of getting to work each day.  

Culture Camp for Youth and Staff

Connect Youth with Elders from Piapot First Nation to share teachings and experiences. Culture Camps unite Youth and adults with the common goal of strengthening Indigenous Culture for interested Youth.

Access to Elders & Ceremonies

Elders encourage and promote understanding and respect for Indigenous perspectives, culture, and values. Elders support Indigenous students and provide a cultural connection to them on their learning journey fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging. 

SCP Scholarships for Youth

Youth can be awarded an opportunity to further their education in the field of their choice without huge loan deficits to worry about later.  

Resource Materials

Provide homeless and/or at-risk Youth with much needed resources which are often impossible for Youth to obtain on their own. This tool kit gives each student a real sense of daily normalcy.