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Street Culture Project

Transforming the lives of Regina Youth at risk of homelessness

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Tuhk Sih Nowin Emergency Youth Shelter



Street Culture Project in Regina, Saskatchewan has a Youth Shelter

Youth Shelter

Street Culture Project in Regina, Saskatchewan has a Youth Shelter


Street Culture Project in Regina, Saskatchewan has a Youth Shelter


Street Culture Project in Regina, Saskatchewan has a Youth Shelter


Youth Shelter

“I would never have made it this far without you.”


Assists Youth with educational needs and daily life skill development. The goal is to empower Youth through positive mentorship and providing daily structure and mentoring.


In order to provide a safe, stable, comfortable place for these kids to come home to anytime, we will need to install much-needed updates to the building specifically new windows that do not leak.

Bikes & Helmets

Sports and arts can have significant positive impacts on youth social connectedness, better developmental outcomes, improved mental health and recovery from trauma. Can activities like sports and the arts contribute to Youth homelessness prevention? Absolutely! 

Art Supplies

As an expressive language, art provides a casual approach to opening into a relationship with at-risk Youth by tapping into their creativity and offering a form of communication that is nonthreatening and gives the young person a sense of control.

When a Youth is in crisis, they need someone to turn to that they can trust. But what do you do when the people you should be able to count on are really putting you at risk? 

Street Culture Project’s 15 bed Youth Emergency Shelter, Tuhk Sih Nowin, provides short-term supportive accommodation for 16 and 18 year-olds in emergency-crisis situations. This voluntary service provides a safe and secure environment when youth need it most. 

The Shelter ensures that all basic physical AND social needs are met so that at-risk Youth can get out of crisis mode and begin to rebuild their lives, one day at a time. 

Your Impact

When you contribute to our Youth Shelter, your donation provides youth at greatest risk with food, shelter, clothing, connections, opportunities, dignity and so much more.

Without your help these young people are at great risk to become yet another statistic, but together we can make sure that doesn’t happen. By choosing to support our Youth Shelter, you are empowering kids to feel safe, to make healthy choices and most importantly, to feel hopeful about creating a brighter future. 

Together, we can make a difference. It’s up to you to decide what difference you want to make. 


“This is the only place that’s ever felt like a real home to me.”


A chance to go camping in the great outdoors with their peers creates a special environment that fosters meaningful relationships between staff and Youth and builds lasting happy memories between their peers, and is a chance to disconnect from the everyday strain and pressure of being a Youth in care. And it’s so much fun!

Arts & Rec Supplies

We all need something fun in life to look forward to. Art, games and engaging group activities reduce stress and help set the foundation for connection and lasting social relationships for many years to come. 

Self Care

Self care is an important step in saying, “I matter!” Self-love puts power back in their hands and helps vulnerable Youth fight a fight they can win. And that means the world!

Phones Program

The Street Culture Phones Program provides Youth who don’t have access to internet with cell phones and monthly phone plans. This levels the playing field for these kids and provides them a way of contacting friends, staying relevant, and calling the Street Culture family in case of emergency.  

Imagine not having a warm bed to sleep in, feeling unsafe in your own home, or not knowing where your next meal will come from.

Street Culture Project provides safe housing through the Ministry of Social Services to vulnerable youth in need. Currently we are successfully operating 4 homes with a total of 19 spaces.

We work with the Youth living in these homes to develop goals, create strong support systems to help them along their way and provide actionable tools they can use to work towards making their dreams a reality. We believe that when you empower Youth to take personal responsibility for their goals, and you provide the right support, that they can achieve great things.

The sky’s the limit!

Your Impact

When you donate to our Housing project you are supporting Youth on their way to becoming happy, healthy adults. These kids are ready to create a better future for themselves, but they need all the help you can give. 

Your donation ensures these kids have a safe place to call their own. Somewhere they can feel included and welcome so they can prepare for their future. Every child deserves to feel like they matter; like what they want out of life is achievable. Your donation helps make a world of  difference when you contribute to Housing at Street Culture Project.


“This place has helped me get my life together.”

Job Development & Coaching

Our mission is to recognize the employment challenges present for homeless Youth and who experience barriers to employment to help them find and maintain meaningful jobs in the community.

Work Clothes & Tools

Supports Youth who have found employment to be dressed for success on their first day with the proper clothing and tools they need and promotes a higher range of skills. 


Give SCP Youth candidates a huge advantage with certification opportunities for mandatory training for industries that require it. 

Driver Training

Obtaining a valid driver’s license is crucial for continuing employment and ensuring that young workers have a reliable way of getting to work each day.  

For Youth to achieve their employment goals, they need supported opportunities to participate in the workforce. Our employment programs connect young adults (ages 15-19) with life skills and hands-on employment experience. We mentor and guide them through experiences that prepare them for working life including general workplace expectations, applicable workplace training, etiquette and employment preparation. 

Youth can then connect with placement employers for opportunities to get real-life work experience.

Your Impact

When you choose to donate to our employment programs, you are directly impacting the employability of Youth in the Regina community. For Youth to be able to gain independence and work towards their goals, regular employment is so important. 

Remember the employer who gave you your first opportunity? If it wasn’t for them, would you be where you are today? Now it’s your chance to pay it forward. Donate today.


Education & Mentorship

“My mentor tells me I’ve done it all myself but I don’t think I could have accomplished as much without the help of Street Culture and their programs.”

Culture Camp for Youth and Staff

Connect Youth with Elders from Piapot First Nation to share teachings and experiences. Culture Camps unite Youth and adults with the common goal of strengthening Indigenous Culture for interested Youth.

Access to Elders & Ceremonies

Elders encourage and promote understanding and respect for Indigenous perspectives, culture, and values. Elders support Indigenous students and provide a cultural connection to them on their learning journey fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging. 

SCP Scholarships for Youth

Youth can be awarded an opportunity to further their education in the field of their choice without huge loan deficits to worry about later.  

Resource Materials

Provide homeless and/or at-risk Youth with much needed resources which are often impossible for Youth to obtain on their own. This tool kit gives each student a real sense of daily normalcy.

Education and mentorship are fundamental to empowering Youth in the Regina community. Through these programs aimed at Youth ages 8-21, we support kids in going back to school, finding work, and planning their future. Without a strong connection to community, or the skills needed to live on their own, Youth struggle to develop independence. Yet with the right guidance and support, kids can develop the skills to reach their full potential. 

Additionally, our Cultural Liaison position provides an alternative route that breaks the poverty cycle through resource sharing, Youth-centred practices and emphasizing opportunities for personal development. By delivering cultural services to participants, we have seen success in their ability to develop community connection, culture, identity and spirituality. By assisting Youth in their journey of cultural identity, we elicit change, determination, leadership and compassion.


Your Impact

It really does take a community to raise a child, especially when they had a rough start in life.

When you donate to Street Culture Project’s Education & Mentorship programs, you are joining hands with others to raise these kids up and let them know they are not alone.

You are helping build a community around them so that they can stay on track and reach their goals.


We are closing the gap between Youth in crisis and independent living. 

Our mission is to empower vulnerable Youth through mentorship, daily structure and access to personal growth & development & provide them with social, cultural and economic opportunities that they may not otherwise have had.

Every child deserves a roof overhead that truly feels like a welcoming family home. 

Our Sponsors & Partners

Thanks to our sponsors and partners, Youth in our community can keep looking forward to many years of continuing support and success.