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Youth Shelter in Regina


Tuhk Sih Nowin is a 15-bed gender-inclusive emergency youth shelter that serves youth between the ages of 16-18. Tuhk Sih Nowin is funded through the Ministry of Social Services (MSS) and managed by Street Culture Project. SCP’s Emergency Shelter is a voluntary, youth-centred service that provides short-term, supportive accommodation on an emergency-crisis intervention basis.


SCP’s Emergency Shelter fosters a safe and supportive environment where youth can not only meet their basic physical needs (e.g. food, warmth, clothing, shelter, hygiene) but also address their social needs to make positive changes in their lives. We know that the first step toward a better future for our young people is ensuring they have a safe place to go when they are in need. Tuhk Sih Nowin offers this kind of support to those who need it most.


Who’s It For?

Any youth (16-18) is welcome!


Get in Touch.

Phone number: (306) 545-3445

Tuhk Sih Nowin

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