Helping Regina Youth Succeed


At SCP, we believe that every young person has the potential to succeed, but sometimes they need some help getting there. Street Culture Project's Mentorship program aims to empower Regina youth by providing individual, group, and community-based mentoring, along with supportive guidance in developing independent living skills. Youths 8-21 are referred to the Mentorship program through the Ministry of Social Services. Youth are paired with mentors based on compatibility, skills, abilities, gender, and personal interests in order to build an effective and trusting working relationship.


Through these relationships, at-risk youth will be able to access resources that can support their development into confident adults who are able to make informed decisions about their futures and become leaders within their communities. The goal of the mentorship program is to improve the lives of young people by helping them gain knowledge and skills that will help them succeed as adults. We want to help young people overcome barriers in their lives and achieve their full potential. We know when we work together as a community, we can do just that!

Mentorship Program

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