Cultural Programming in Regina, Saskatchewan


In 2015, Street Culture Project developed a Cultural Liaison position within our agency. The creation of this position has improved our ability to serve the youth of all nations tenfold. Street Culture Project provides an alternative route that breaks the poverty cycle through resource sharing, youth-centred practices and emphasizing opportunities for personal development. By delivering cultural services to participants, we have seen success in their ability to develop community connection, culture, identity and spirituality. By assisting youth in their journey of cultural identity, we elicit change, determination, leadership and compassion. We connect with established services and agencies in Saskatchewan to provide the best level of support. 


SCP's Cultural Liaison works with knowledge keepers to discuss the impact of residential schools and intergenerational trauma with participants. They also provide an introduction to Indigenous culture, ceremonies and activities such as Pow Wow, medicine wheel teachings, naming ceremonies, colours, four directions, four sacred medicines and Treaties. Some programs our Cultural Liaison facilitates include beading, Cree games, medicine wheel activities, round dances, and Indigenous arts and crafts. Additionally, they facilitate support groups based on traditional teachings on mediation, reconciliation and circle checks. Street Culture youth also have the opportunity to attend monthly Sweat Lodge Ceremonies at Kawakatoose First Nation with Elders. All cultural programming strives to follow appropriate protocol identified by Elders and community members.

We believe that every person has the potential to be a leader. Through our Cultural Liaison position, we have seen youth develop into leaders capable of making positive changes in their communities. We are proud to continue this program in the Street Culture Project initiative.

Cultural Programming

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