Bringing Regina Youth Back into the Fold


Regina Connected Youth (RCY) is a reintegration and community connection program designed for Regina youth ages 14-24 with involvement in the Criminal Justice system. Young adults are referred to RCY through the Ministry of Justice. A number of youths who are involved with RCY are gang affiliated. The Regina Connected Youth program was created through a partnership between Street Culture Project and the Ministry of Justice for youth at risk of further involvement in gangs or criminal activity because they lack opportunities or resources outside their current social network.


The RCY program helps at-risk youth navigate their probation order, access appropriate community resources, and enhance their skill base through one-on-one mentorship and group-based activities. This program aims to help reduce recidivism and prepare the youth and the community for the youths’ eventual return to the community. Everyone deserves a second chance, regardless of the mistakes they have made. Through the Regina Connected Youth program, we strive to support youth in making positive changes in their lives and in their communities.


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