Regina Community Nurse


Nurse Barb is a vital part of our community. She practices a relationship and wraparound-based approach to health care for our youth. She understands that many of them will not go out of their way to go to a clinic, and it can be hard for them to share very private issues with a doctor who may not have the time to offer the attention and trust that youth require. Nurse Barb works hard to build caring, trusting relationships with the youth she serves so they feel comfortable coming in when they need help. She also brings much-needed health services and education to our community.


Nurse Barb is a resource for our community's youth. In addition to providing basic health care services, she provides a safe place where you can talk about your health concerns without judgment. Nurse Barb is committed to making sure that each and every one of her patients feels heard and understood by her, which is why we are so grateful for her presence in our community.


*Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

*We offer basic health care services; no narcotic prescriptions.

Nurse Barb

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