Imagine not having a warm bed to sleep in, feeling unsafe in your own home, or not knowing where your next meal will come from. It's hard to comprehend what it's like to be homeless, but for many young people facing homelessness, this is their reality every day. 


Street Culture Project provides safe housing through the Ministry of Social Services to vulnerable youth in need. Currently, we are successfully operating four homes with a total of 19 beds. We work with the youth living in these homes to develop goalscreate strong and lasting support systems and provide actionable tools they can use to work towards making their dreams a reality. We know that when you empower young people to take personal responsibility for their goals and provide the right support, they can achieve great things. The sky's the limit for these kids when we work together as a community!


When you contribute to our youth housing initiative, you are supporting at-risk youth on their way to becoming happy, healthy adults. We know that when youth are happy, healthy and supported, they do anything they put their minds to. But many kids don't have the resources they need to make this happen—and we want to change that.


Your contributions ensure these kids have a safe and stable place to call their own. A place they will feel included and welcome to prepare for their future. Every child deserves to feel like they matter and that what they want from life is achievable. Together we can help make their dreams a reality.



This is the only place that’s ever felt like a real home to me.

Peer Homes in Regina, Saskatchewan


Street Culture Project manages 4 homes with a total of 19 spaces. Funded through the Ministry of Social Services, we provide long-term housing for youth in need. Our goal is to help our residents develop support systems and gain the life skills they need to be independent and become healthy, contributing members of society. All of our homes adhere to a youth-centred, power-sharing model where youth identify the goals they want to work on and have a team of support workers dedicated to assisting them.


At Street Culture Project, we believe that all young people should have access to safe housing, food they can afford, and opportunities for education and employment. We also believe that youth deserve opportunities for recreation and healthy relationships with others who share their interests. This is why we work hard each day at Street Culture Project—to ensure every one of our residents has what they need to succeed!

The Street Culture Phones Program provides Youth who don’t have access to internet with cell phones and monthly phone plans. This levels the playing field for these kids.

Phone Program

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Self care is an important step in saying, “I matter!” Self-love puts power back in their hands and helps vulnerable Youth fight a fight they can win. And that means the world!

Self Care

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We all need something fun in life to look forward to. Art, games and engaging group activities reduce stress and help set the foundation for connection and lasting social relationships 

Arts & Rec

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A chance to go camping in the great outdoors with their peers creates a special environment that fosters meaningful relationships between staff and Youth.


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