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For 25 years Street Culture Project has been giving back to the community by supporting youth at risk. Come celebrate with us! Check out our upcoming events as we come together to make space for youth to thrive.

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We Believe in the Power of Our Youth. 

We provide services to youth along the continuum of homeless youth in crisis to youth living independently. Youth in crisis need more than a roof over their heads. They need a community to support them while they learn how to live independently as they move toward and into adulthood.


That's why we're here: to empower youth through mentorship, daily structure, and access to personal growth and development opportunities. We provide social, cultural, and economic opportunities these young people may not otherwise have had. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, no matter what their background or circumstances are. We know that through the power of community, we can change the lives of our youth for the better.

The Helping Hub

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We empower youth through education and mentorship so they can reach their full potential.

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We know that when we give our youth the tools they need to succeed, they can achieve anything.

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We believe every child deserves a roof over their head that feels like a welcoming family home. 

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Youth Shelter

We are committed to helping at-risk youth get out of crisis mode and rebuild their lives one day at a time. 

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"The Nurtured Heart Approach is a philosophy for creating healthy relationships. The Approach is a set of strategies that equips adults to guide children of all ages in developing self-regulation. It has this impact by transforming the way children perceive themselves, their caregivers and the world around them. Repeated experiences of being seen and acknowledged when things are not going wrong inspires children to build a positive portfolio of themselves: an expansive and expanding store of what the NHA calls Inner Wealth™. Children come to trust that they will receive abundant and energized recognition and reward in response to their positive behaviours. " -The Nurtured Heart Institute


The Nurtured Heart approach was first introduced to SCP in January 2021. We were drawn to the strength-based approach in hopes that it would provide tools to SCP staff to manage the increasingly complex needs and behaviours of our youth. The implementation of NHA transformed our agency and how we work with youth, staff, community and partners.


We have worked hard to teach NHA to all SCP staff and have trained over 120 staff over the course of the last year and a half. We continue to train staff, offer intensive integrated training for teams, coaching and weekly NHA talking groups to allow staff to practice using the approach on each other. This approach is not easy to master and takes dedication, willingness to self-reflect and a community of support. We are not just asking people to use some tools to change behaviour; we are asking them to rethink how they see themselves, others and the world. And to our delight, our staff are accepting the challenge.

Overcoming Adversity Together

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Thank you so much to our sponsors and partners! The youth in our community can keep looking forward to many years of continuing support and success thanks to you!

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of youth reported an increase in the ability to see their own greatness after receiving SCP's services.

of youth reported they had more supportive people in their life after receiving SCP's services.

of youth reported an increase in the ability to keep themselves safe after receiving SCP's services.